Equal Opportunity/Anti-Discriminatory Statement

Advocacy Services Wales, through the commitment of its management , will ensure that equal opportunities is promoted within the areas of employment and to all members of the community we serve.


“We are an Equal Opportunities Employer. Our future success in a highly competitive area of work depends on our employees and the developments of their skills and abilities”.

There will be no discrimination on grounds of sex, sexual orientation, being married, colour or race which is not permitted by law; or on any other grounds including disability or age, except where this is necessary to ensure that the job is done effectively and safely.

This principle will apply to recruitment, training, promotion, dismissal, transfer and all other benefits, terms and conditions of employment. All employees have a responsibility to apply this principle in practice.


We will ensure compliance with anti discrimination laws and the principle Acts are as follows:

i) The Sex Discrimination Act 1975

ii) The Equal Pay Act 1970

iii) The Race Relations Act 1976

iv) Age Discrimination